Welcome to Dr Hibah Shata Specialized Dental Clinic, over the last 20 years Dr Hibah had provided thousands of patients with smile make over and preventive dentistry.
Our solutions can help you with any of the following:
Preventive Dentistry: Teeth Cleaning, Deep Scaling and Ceramic Dental Restorations
Cosmetic Dentistry: Discolored Gum Treatment, Teeth Alignment, Discolored Teeth Whitening, Ultra Veneers and CAD CAM Restorations within 1 hour.
Pain and Dental Emergencies: Facial Pain Management, Root Canal Treatment, Surgical and Dental Extractions.
Children Dentistry: Preventive Fluoride Application, Preventive Restorations and Fissure Sealant, Teeth Alignment and Space Management.
Our team consist of General Dentists and Prosthodontists, Orthodontist and Implantologist.
Call us today for free consultation: +971-4-2959790
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